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We are SKM approved co-operative that is setup to serve the underserved population of the country; via community financing mechanism to achieve higher financial inclusion for all.


Hassle free application, quick decision and online disbursement is at the core of our operations without compromising the proven-best practices of financial services namely know-your-customer, income derivation, data security and credit risk assessment. We deploy best in class processes and technology platform to drive our milestones.


It is our vision that all Malaysians should have access to credits when required and justified. We pride ourselves on being a responsible direct lender who fosters positive financial behavior and provides our customers with a loan that is compatible with his or her lifestyle.


Our mission at ReCAL is to provide you with quick cash with a HEART. We believe in transparency and respect. We want to give you the key to unlock your financial future.

ReCal provides

Our Strengths, Your Confidence


We offer Shariah-compliant financial solutions, ensuring that our services adhere to Islamic principles and values.


Our purpose-driven loans are designed to empower your dreams and aspirations, providing the financial support you need for your specific goals.

Straight-Through Processing

We streamline the loan application process with Straight-Through Processing (STP), ensuring seamless and efficient handling of your requests from start to finish.


Our data-powered credit assessment leverages advanced algorithms and comprehensive data analysis to determine creditworthiness accurately, helping you make informed lending decisions.

Lending as a service

We provide Lending as a Service (LaaS), enabling businesses to effortlessly integrate our lending solutions into their platforms, enhancing financial offerings for their customers.

Loan Management System

Our Loan Management System (LMS) simplifies the entire lending process, from application to repayment, with robust features and automation, making loan management efficient and user-friendly.


Revolutionizing Finance Through Advanced Technology

E-KYC (Electronic Know Your Customer)

At the core of our onboarding process lies E-KYC, an Electronic Know Your Customer solution. By employing advanced cryptographic protocols and secure data transmission channels, we ensure a seamless, compliant, and swift customer verification process. This technology not only simplifies onboarding but also guarantees the highest standards of security and regulatory compliance.

Augmented Credit Risk Score

Our Augmented Credit Risk Score is powered by cutting-edge machine learning algorithms. These algorithms, enriched with extensive datasets and predictive modeling, go beyond traditional credit scoring methods. The result is a highly nuanced and precise evaluation of credit risk, providing you with an accurate and comprehensive understanding of your financial standing.

AI-Based Credit Decisioning

Step into the future of credit assessments with our AI-Based Credit Decisioning. Leveraging sophisticated machine learning models, our platform analyzes intricate patterns and dynamic factors to make intelligent, data-driven credit decisions. This ensures a tailored approach to each individual's unique financial profile, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of the credit decisioning process.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Our Analytics & Business Intelligence tools empower you with real-time insights and actionable intelligence. Through advanced big data analytics and visualization techniques, we provide a comprehensive view of your financial landscape. This not only facilitates strategic decision-making but also ensures you stay ahead in a rapidly evolving financial environment.

Benefits of ReCal :

Efficiency and Speed

Experience efficiency with swift E-KYC onboarding, AI-driven credit decisions for faster approvals, and real-time financial insights through Analytics & Business Intelligence, enabling proactive decision-making in your financial journey.

Personalization and Accuracy

Enjoy a personalized and accurate financial experience with AI-tailored credit solutions, nuanced credit evaluations through Augmented Credit Risk Score, and transparent insights into factors influencing your credit standing.

Security and Compliance

Trust in our commitment to security with E-KYC's encrypted data transmission, AI-driven compliance checks for credit decisions, ensuring the highest levels of data security and regulatory adherence for a trustworthy financial experience



An advanced Electronic Know Your Customer (EKYC) system that employs cutting-edge technologies for identity verification. It includes features such as high matching rates through facial matching, liveness detection, and micro-expression analysis of borrowers. Additionally, the system incorporates Intelligent Documents Processing, utilizing Robotic Process Automation to enhance document verification. The onboarding engine offers flexibility with an API-based or Hosted solution, allowing it to be integrated into existing partner online channels (such as employee or merchant portals) or used as a standalone white-labelled site.



ReCAL’s capability to offer a fully automated AI-based credit decisioning solution by incorporating the lender’s risk parameters and utilizing Recal’s augmented credit profile through its proprietary Inference Analytics model. The solution includes multi-faceted scoring rules covering credit scoring classification, repayment trend prediction, default payment prediction, progressive loan recommendation, and new loan offering recommendatio



Lending Simplified: Our Service, Your Financial Solutions


We are not illegal loan sharks (Ah Long) nor are we exorbitant alternative lender; that is taking advantage of your life circumstances. Our rates are capped at maximum of 18% per annum (excluding processing fees) as per Bank Negara guideline.


Fast decision via technology-enabled platforms.

Secured platform

Secured platform fulfilling the 4 pillars of financial service provider: KYC, Data Security, Credit Risk Assessment and Income Verification.

Credit assessment

More relevant and real life credit assessment parameters instead of the large financial institutions one-size-fit-all policies.

Flexible Payment

Flexible payment options via online transfer, cash deposit, cheque deposit and JomPay.


Quick disbursement when you need it most; without the administrative red tape.


Choose Us When Financial Solutions Matter Most

It happens to all of us despite the best laid plans. Unforeseen life’s occurrences will often set our financial planning back by months if not years. Whilst ReCAL do not condone irresponsible lifestyle consumption’s, we are here to lend a helping hands in your moment of needs.


Explore Our Suite of Tailored Financial Products

In the dynamic landscape of business finance, staying ahead is not just an advantage – it's a necessity. We innovative solution that transforms commercial lending, empowering businesses to thrive and succeed.

In today's fast-paced business environment, managing cash flow is critical for sustained growth. We revolutionizes the way for you to navigate financial liquidity, providing a seamless, technology-driven solution tailored for your business success.

In the ever-evolving landscape of finance, businesses need agile solutions to thrive. ReCAL, your trusted partner in modern leasing. Our innovative platform is designed to revolutionize the way you access and manage leasing solutions, bringing efficiency, transparency, and unparalleled value to your business.

In the fast-paced world of finance, staying ahead requires innovative solutions that put you in control of your financial journey. We create a dynamic platform which designed to empower individuals with flexible, transparent, and efficient lending solutions.

Our platform revolutionizes healthcare finance, providing end-to-end solutions that empower patients and clients to access vital care while offering flexible financing options. We bridge the gap between medical needs and financial accessibility, ensuring a seamless, patient-centric experience for both healthcare providers and individuals seeking quality care.

We redefine the lending experience by seamlessly integrating financing options directly into your transactions. With our innovative Embedded Lending/Pay Later platform, you have the power to offer customers the convenience of paying later, transforming the way they interact with your products or services.

We understand the importance of timely and accessible financial assistance. Our payday and microfinance offerings are designed to provide quick, convenient, and responsible financial support. Whether you need a short-term bridge to your next paycheck or a microfinance solution for small-scale endeavors, we've got you covered.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology to meet the demands of traditional financial services, our prospective plan encompasses a variety of offerings tailored for diverse financial needs. In real estate financing, we aim to simplify processes, enhance approval times, and ensure transparent experiences.

Embark on a journey of financial empowerment and innovation—join us at ReCal. Your path to a brighter financial future starts here.

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